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Laptop vs Desktop Which one is better?

This question has come up more often than I can count. Today someone walks into my office and actually claims that laptops are faster than desktop so there should be no reason why anyone should buy a desktop. It is true that some laptops are almost as fast as and maybe even faster than some desktops. But comparable cost and configuration a desktop will almost always beat out a laptop in every feature except for portability. Here is why a desktop is better.

    1. It is faster
    2. You can upgrade a desktop easily
    3. Multiple Monitors
    4. More everything for less money
    5. Only a desktop is powerful enough to run certain applications.
    6. I can have a Desktop with 8GB of memory without taking out a loan on my house

I know someone will crawl out from somewhere and contest these but let me assure that the list is true and factual. Laptop hdd’s will never have the transfer speeds of a desktop. Laptop processors will never come close to the power of my heavily overclocked Q9550. Ask anyone who has used a symmetrical multi-monitor setup and they will tell you that once you have two monitors it is not even possible to think about going back to one. Sure, I can have two monitors with my laptop but it is just not the same. Any more desktop lovers out there?

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