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Trendsmap for #theraj after 3 hours

Trendsmap for #theraj 3hours in

5 of my students follow me on Twitter and they decided to start a hashtag for me on twitter called #theraj. Samuel Sherman (@smsherman), Ryan Kelly (@ryanwkelly), Trent Widrick (@trentjwidrick), Mark Yesilevskiy (@markwhyy) and Jacob Maynard (@maynardj20) set up a challenge to get this hashtag trending in the United States before April fools day. In return they asked for an A in the class for their commitment, demonstration of their social media expertise and their ability to prove that a small group of 5 people could actually get a major trend going. I reluctantly agreed assuming that this was highly unlikely given that even the hashtag #rit had never trended before. The students would still have to complete the course and excel in all the remaining assignments to get the A so there were no obvious ways to get out of work. At the very least this was worth 10% of the grade in lieu of a paper.

So far the hashtag is trending in 10 states at this time and we have about 4 more hours to go. As the story develops you can follow the story by looking up the hashtag on twitter #theraj on Twitter or watching the trendsmap here at #theraj at trendsmap

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