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#theraj at midnight

#theraj at midnight

If you followed the original #theraj story, here comes the update.

#theraj is a story of helping hands and the human nature. It brought together people of different ethnicities, nationalities, ages for one common cause – to help 5 students get an A. Republicans and Democrats finally agreed on something, #theraj must trend. It was as Barney would say – Epic and Legen wait-for-it dary. Twitter became the entertainment for the night and people were hooked from all four corners of this great country (USA USA USA cheering in the background). At one point around 10.30pm #theraj was being mentioned over 36 times a minute. #theraj appeared on Tagdef and made some random appearances on the web.

#theraj entertained so many people, confused so many others, surprised some others and well annoyed a few. Just as April fools day broke on the eastern seaboard #theraj trended in several places across the US and even in parts of Europe and Canada. The tag did not make it to the twitter top 10 list but in 6 hours or so it managed to take the nation by storm. It was a true David vs the Goliath story unfolding over 6 hours except so much more engaging.

Moral of the story, don’t try to challenge RIT students because they will give you a run for your money. Especially if they are Mark Yesilevskiy (@markwhyy), Samuel Sherman (@smsherman), Ryan Kelly (@ryanwkelly), Trent Widrick (@trentjwidrick), and Jacob Maynard (@maynardj20) . Great job guys, now you need to write a tell all as to how its done.

Trendsmap for #theraj after 3 hours

Trendsmap for #theraj 3hours in

5 of my students follow me on Twitter and they decided to start a hashtag for me on twitter called #theraj. Samuel Sherman (@smsherman), Ryan Kelly (@ryanwkelly), Trent Widrick (@trentjwidrick), Mark Yesilevskiy (@markwhyy) and Jacob Maynard (@maynardj20) set up a challenge to get this hashtag trending in the United States before April fools day. In return they asked for an A in the class for their commitment, demonstration of their social media expertise and their ability to prove that a small group of 5 people could actually get a major trend going. I reluctantly agreed assuming that this was highly unlikely given that even the hashtag #rit had never trended before. The students would still have to complete the course and excel in all the remaining assignments to get the A so there were no obvious ways to get out of work. At the very least this was worth 10% of the grade in lieu of a paper.

So far the hashtag is trending in 10 states at this time and we have about 4 more hours to go. As the story develops you can follow the story by looking up the hashtag on twitter #theraj on Twitter or watching the trendsmap here at #theraj at trendsmap

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