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Tech Projects for the summer

On June 8, 2010, in Gadgets, by Raj Murthy

Rochester’s summer is somewhat here, it is the first week of June and the temperature is still lingering around the high 60’s. I find myself looking for all the things I want to do as summer projects. Here is a small list as I begin this summer.

    1) Build a complete Ion based XBMC,Boxee and Mythtv box for my media center duties.
    2) Setup a secure 300mbps Draft N wireless network around the house with the Asus RT-N16
    3) Consolidate the music, video and picture collections with album artwork.
    4) Rewire the house for cable, phone and Gigabit ethernet access (will most likely get put off)

    5) Get the VOIP situation under control with Google Voice and SIPgate.

Ambitious plans, but given that I will have to focus on research, the last two may never happen. The main website will have step by step instructions on how to build these yourself if you are interested. Check them out for updates.

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