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Sears – Still big on customer service

On April 28, 2010, in Raj Murthy, by Raj Murthy

Over the last several years I have noticed that customer service has mostly been on the decline. Most shoppers get treated like second rate citizens and are often scrutinized like criminals when they try to return something back to the store. With some exceptions, most stores have fallen into this rut. Which brings me to my recent experience with Sears. Last year (2009) I purchased a kitchen hood at sears in July. The hood was on sale at a great price well below its retail and since Sears agreed to hold it for me I paid for it right away and promised to pick it up within 45 days. Well, it slipped my mind and till 8 months later in April 2010 when I was doing my taxes. I noticed the receipt, panicked and called Sears. The nicest rep from the store answered and informed me that my hood was still waiting for me after all this time. Unfortunately, I did not need the hood anymore so I fearfully asked if I could return it. Sears not only refunded my money but did it over the phone, how is that for customer service. They even sent me a nice letter with a return receipt. Amex would not let the rep refund to my card so Sears corporate sent me a check for the amount to my new address within 2 days of my call. Hats off to Sears, you will have my business for a long long time.

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