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Baby Carrots – “Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food”

On October 19, 2010, in Health, by Raj Murthy

This is quite possibly the most innovative way to market baby carrots. Their ad’s are hilarious and their website is nearly as interactively annoying as the Doritos website. Just look at the packaging, does that not remind you of some other kind of snacks. Do you think it will fool some children into eating this instead of say a bag of Doritos or a some Cheetos. I applaud the ‘bunch of carrot farmers’ and the marketing team that came up with this idea but whether it will change anything is something we have wait and see. If this even gets a small portion of children and people into eating instead of junk food, it has made a huge impact. Sadly, I have eaten baby carrots before and I do not see how they can compete with my kettle cooked potato chips.

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