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Some Companies Understand the Internet

On April 24, 2010, in Raj Murthy, by Raj Murthy

About a week ago I was interviewed by Carl Phelps at iwritemarketing.com and I spoke about Mailer Mailer in a short video. Less than a day later I get a very nice email from their CEO thanking me for the mention along with some information about their email marketing metrics report. I have said this before and I will say it again. Some companies get the Internet and others simply do not. Here is a recreation of how the events possibly transpired, CSI style. Carl Phelps from iwritemarketing interviews me and a video goes up on their website, which includes a link to the report along with a link to my faculty profile page on RIT. The smart people at Mailer Mailer possibly monitor their web analytics closely, or possibly had a Google alert that informed them of the content. CEO gets notified and immediately dispatches an email to me. Mailer Mailer understands the Internet and how to monitor it. Do you?

This email marketing metrics report is actually a very valuable resource for any direct marketer and if you have never used or seen it, I strongly suggest that you do now.

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