Best Buy Sucks

On December 22, 2011, in Raj Murthy, by Raj Murthy

best-buy-sucksThere is nothing nice I have to say about Best Buy. If this offends you, stop reading now. Of all the companies I have dealt with over the years, there is not one that is as bad as best buy. Let me start you off with just 5 simple reasons why you should never shop at Best Buy. EVER.

  • 3 days before Christmas inform everyone that they are unable to ship items ordered on time for Christmas.
  • Read this poor guys story. He goes in to return a TV, and comes out with no TV and no refund.
  • Best buy also runs a fake internal website that was exposed. This is to make sure you never get those advertised deals or ever get them to pricematch anything.
  • Best buy’s own employes admit to cheating customers by having them sign up for useless contracts to get more money out of you. Signing up for MSN, extended warranties without even knowing it.
  • Best Buy classifies its customers into Angels and Demons, and yes you read that right, Demons. If you are Demon, you are not truly welcome in the store.
  • Well if you have not had enough, I can tell you from experience that a vast majority of their customer service reps are clueless and relatively ignorant.

    Here are just a few things I have learned from their own employees.

    Their TVs are intentionally tuned in a manner to steer you in the direction of whatever makes them the most amount of money. It is true that the salespeople are not working on commission, but they are trained to sell the items that fetch Best Buy the greatest profit. Over time this has become their house brands Dynex and Insignia.

    That pushy salesman trying to extoll the virtues of extended warranties, extra software and those lovely subscriptions was trained and sometimes forced to do so because these things bring in tons of revenue. Hardly anyone uses it and most customers are unaware as to what it even covers.

    I got plenty more, If you have a story to share, please do.

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