Wegmans and The Office Product Placements

On October 28, 2010, in Marketing, Raj Murthy, Trends, by Raj Murthy

There are many reasons to like the show “the office” and now there is one more. For those who are not the northeast, Wegmans is a Rochester, NY based supermarket chain. Wegmans is a chain like no other. The store, its staff, the culture are all beyond comparison.

The show had been using Wegmans products in its show for some time (check out picture on top for wegmans cereal and soy milk) but in the recent episode Wegmans made a big splash.

A reusable shopping bag that is familiar to most upstate dwellers made prime time appearance, staying on the screen for over 7 seconds. So, how much did Wegmans pay for this-0 dollars. That’s right people, this is the free publicity you have heard of but never witnessed. To add to this Alec Baldwin mentions the Wegmans store on the David Letterman show, citing it as the reason why his mother would never move to the west coast. Truly, when it rains it pours and it is pouring for Wegmans.

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