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Why does my PageRank Never Go Up? - Digbert's World

This question has probably been asked about a million times and answered a few hundred thousand times only to come up every now and again. Lets quickly roll through what you could have done to improve your SEO. Assuming you have done the most important basic items, a) create original content, b) make content interesting, share on social media and on other sites then you probably are waiting patiently for the PageRank to change. What you have done thus far is something that is necessary and obviously something you should be doing on an ongoing basis. However, remember that PageRank is primarily concerned about links and their quality. there are three main reasons why your PageRank has not changed.

1) PageRank is primarily interested in the number of unique links from external sources that link to your carefully created content.

2) The quality of those inbound links is even more important for PageRank to change.

3) Lets say you have done the basics and satisfied conditions 1 and 2, remember that PageRank is updated only once a while, usually in conjunction with large scale Google algorithm updates. So it may be several months before you actually see a change.

So, keep doing the right things and keep at it. PageRank success will follow. Matt Cutts explains this very clearly in a recent video attached below that you can review. a summary of the recommendations he provides before you start worrying about PageRank is below.

1) Make sure the structure of the website is very well designed. Matt suggests a clear tree like structure

2) Within this structure, make sure to highlight static links to the most important pages (content perhaps) within 1 or 2 steps away from the main page.

3) Emphasize the original content and make sure to let other people know of the content’s presence (presumably through social media and newsletters etc)

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