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What is this International Women's day? - Digbert's World

What is this International Women’s day?

On March 8, 2014, in Raj Murthy, by Raj Murthy


A very happy International women’s day to the women of the world. For those confused by these posts on your Facebook timeline (wait,you are still on FB), March 8th is a big day for women in most countries outside the US. The days festivities include men running to the florist to grab flowers first and then dash to the local department stores in search of perfumes, scarves, trinkets, jewelry and gift certificates. For the inspired, this could also extend to making food at home for breakfast and serving it but rarely includes the clean up. It also doubles as mothers day in some east European countries. Florists have been known to have a hard time choosing between this and valentines day as their favorite days of the year to raise prices for their last minute customers.

Jokes aside, celebrate the women you have in your life, be it mother, sister, spouse, or daughter. Because, if you don’t they will remember and then make sure that you will too.

The purpose of this day and what it stands for is explained here by Hilary Clinton, who says it all at the U.N. In all seriousness, the rights women and even their safety is still under threat in most of the world including here at home in the U.S. This issue could indeed use the support of everyone, and that includes you and I. So, support equality and celebrate women for all their contributions to your life and to the world. And…. call your mother.

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