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How Well Do You Know Raj Murthy? - Digbert's World

How Well Do You Know Raj Murthy?

On October 22, 2014, in Raj Murthy, by Raj Murthy

Since you are here, I assume you know a little bit about me. So, which pill do you think I would take? Just click on the links below to choose as I would…

THE BLUE PILL                               THE RED PILL












Here are ten things that you probably did not know about me? These are in no particular order.


  • I speak about 6 languages
  • I have lived and worked in three continents
  • My immediate family lives in three continents (yes, travel is a pain)
  • My blood type is one of the rarest in the world
  • I still feel strange when someone calls me ‘Sir’
  • I am a proficient woodworker
  • I enjoy making or modding things more than writing papers
  • I have driven vehicles at over 160mph (thats about 260kmph for metric folks)
  • I do my own maintenance on vehicles I own
  • I happen to be an excellent cook, both on and off the grill


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