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How #theraj began. Social Media Active Learning - Digbert's World

Trendsmap for #theraj after 3 hours

Trendsmap for #theraj 3hours in

5 of my students follow me on Twitter and they decided to start a hashtag for me on twitter called #theraj. Samuel Sherman (@smsherman), Ryan Kelly (@ryanwkelly), Trent Widrick (@trentjwidrick), Mark Yesilevskiy (@markwhyy) and Jacob Maynard (@maynardj20) set up a challenge to get this hashtag trending in the United States before April fools day. In return they asked for an A in the class for their commitment, demonstration of their social media expertise and their ability to prove that a small group of 5 people could actually get a major trend going. I reluctantly agreed assuming that this was highly unlikely given that even the hashtag #rit had never trended before. The students would still have to complete the course and excel in all the remaining assignments to get the A so there were no obvious ways to get out of work. At the very least this was worth 10% of the grade in lieu of a paper.

So far the hashtag is trending in 10 states at this time and we have about 4 more hours to go. As the story develops you can follow the story by looking up the hashtag on twitter #theraj on Twitter or watching the trendsmap here at #theraj at trendsmap

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6 Responses to How #theraj began. Social Media Active Learning

  1. Jeremy says:

    Long live #theraj!

  2. Peggy Dolane says:

    Interesting side effect of the experiment is the “telephone” effect of a mistweet that turned it into #thehraj in some circles. I could trace it to Scott Monty. Look forward to hearing the final results. Used to be you only had to get 500 tweets for a topic to trend. Wonder how many are required now?

  3. The mistweet “thehraj” was my fault. In the original DM requests to @scottmonty and a few other influentials on Twitter I misstyped the hashatg #theraj (the result of being too eager to help and doing this as I was rushing to get to an off-campus appointment). In any case Scott and @ChrisBrogan were kind enough to play along with the bad hashtag. They both realized and and corrected it (thankfully). Lesson to be learned – it’s time to stop multitasking!

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  5. Raj Murthy says:

    Jeremy – I see you are up to your old tricks again. This was quite fun, would’nt you say?

  6. Raj Murthy says:

    Peggy – The full analytics report promised to be interesting and I will certainly keep you in the loop. 500 tweets was a long time ago, I think we need several thousand now on a slow day to make it to the trend list. We did have more than a few thousand mentions but the full report should give us more info shortly. I am going to guess somewhere close to 25k for nationalwide interest and that is if Charlie Sheen does not go off his rocker again, or Tiger Woods has another mistress crawl out of the woodwork.