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10 Questions to ask at a Job / Career Fair - Digbert's World

interviewI have been asked this question quite a few times and it deserves a post of its own. The key to asking the right questions at a job fair is mix up two types of questions. First, there are the questions you need to ask and the recruiter has to answer. Second, you want to ask questions that allow you to make an impression and show that you are interesting. You are trying to make an impression and hopefully be remembered. Think of recruitment like peeling an onion. The recruiter is trying to peel away the weaker (in his/her perception) candidates to be left with clean and viable candidates. It is your job to be help in this process by applying for the right position as well as being memorable.  So, here is a good mix of questions that I hope you will use wisely, appropriately and as you deem fit. These questions are ones I have used myself. At the very least, you want to be asking questions that make you memorable. Don’t overstay your welcome, you want this meeting to be short, sweet and memorable. Start with a smile and end with “it was nice to meet you and I hope to hear from you again”. Good luck!

  • What specific group of skills or qualification do you like to see in your employees?
  • Can you tell me something about your most successful project till date?
  • Do I need a graduate degree to advance in your organization?
  • What is the hiring process like? How long does it take and what can I expect in the coming days?
  • I realize a lot of competition exists to simply get an interview with your company, what is the company retention rate like?
  • What is the corporate/office culture like?
  • Can you walk me through a day in your life at the organization?
  • What made you choose to work here?
  • How can I make myself more valuable to a firm like yours?
  • Can you tell me something (or one thing) that you wish your organization did better?

Finally, if you feel the interview went well, throw them a curve ball and ask this question.

  • What question can I answer to make your job easier?


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